Case Studies

Listed below are a number of recent cases which our firm successfully prosecuted on behalf of our business clients.

Our client contracted with a collection agency to collect its medical accounts receivable. The collection company terminated the client’s contract, and then claimed they were owed as a penalty under the terminated contract. The collection agency refused to pay over the medical accounts receivable it had collected – a six-figure sum. The matter was submitted to binding arbitration and the collection agency was ordered to pay the full amount of the withheld receivables, plus costs.

Our client was a minority shareholder in two technology corporations. When the majority shareholders/officers of the corporation attempted to drain the profits of the corporations and dilute the value of our client’s minority equity interest, we obtained an injunction preventing the majority shareholders/officers from carrying out their plan.

Our client, the trustee of a trust established for the benefit of his close friend’s wife and daughter, retained an accounting firm to prepare various fiduciary income and estate tax returns on behalf of the trust. The tax returns were negligently prepared, resulting in the overpayment of approximately $100,000 in taxes. Based upon the testimony of the plaintiff’s expert witness, the jury found that the accountants did, in fact, commit negligence and awarded appropriate damages.

Our clients retained a bankruptcy attorney to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and discharge their debts, including certain Internal Revenue Service tax liens. The attorney failed to timely file our clients’ bankruptcy petition, so the clients’ tax liens were not discharged by the bankruptcy as expected. A jury made the attorney pay our clients the full amount of the undischarged tax liens, plus interest.

Our client had a dispute with his neighbor over an easement the neighbor claimed to have over our client’s property. At the same time, the neighbor was attempting to sell the easement to our client for an outrageous price. The neighbor threatened to bulldoze his way across our client’s property within a few feet of his living room. We obtained an injunction prohibiting the neighbor from doing so, and the matter was soon settled when our client agreed to pay the fair market value for his neighbor’s property.

Our clients were purchasers of vacant land which they intended to use for residential purposes. The defendants fraudulently represented that our clients could build a home on the land, which they could not. We obtained a jury verdict awarding our clients the full amount of their purchase price, plus interest.

When our client’s commercial property suffered water intrusion damage resulting from the inadequate drainage on the neighboring property, we obtained a mandatory injunction directing that the adjoining landowner tear up and reconstruct its faulty drainage system. Our client also received compensation for property damages and lost income.

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